Welcome to ANABAS Restaurant – a delicious restaurant in Hoi An, a unique culinary destination and a place to preserve traditional flavors in Hoi An Ancient Town. We take pride in presenting an exceptional dining experience with grilled fish and the finest delicacies of Hoi An, meticulously prepared by experienced local chefs. Moreover, the editorial team behind ANABAS website comprises individuals with extensive knowledge of the culture, cuisine, and tourism in Hoi An.

Situated on a tranquil street in the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town, ANABAS RESTAURANT is an ideal destination for those who love the distinctive flavors of Central Vietnamese cuisine in general and the culinary delights of Hoi An Ancient Town in particular. With a mission to highlight fresh, flavorful ingredients, characteristic of Central Vietnam, our restaurant is the perfect stop for travelers eager to explore the culinary secrets of this region.

Named after the local climbing perch fish, ANABAS, commonly found in Central Vietnam, we offer diners an exquisite culinary journey, from fragrant grilled fish to familiar Hoi An specialties. We are committed to using 100% fresh ingredients, especially carefully selected fish from the region. With dedication and refined culinary skills, our chefs create incredibly unique and enticing dishes. Additionally, ANABAS RESTAURANT takes pride in its menu diversity by offering dishes made from other popular ingredients such as beef, chicken, or fresh seafood. All ingredients are guaranteed to meet the criteria of freshness, quality, safety, and diversity.

ANABAS RESTAURANT is not only a destination for fish lovers but also a place to explore the distinctive flavors of Hoi An cuisine. Specialties from the ancient town are delicately and creatively prepared, from the rich flavors of Cao Lau to the enticing allure of Mi Quang. Each dish is a journey of discovery into the culinary culture and history of Hoi An.

Beyond serving delicious dishes, ANABAS RESTAURANT provides customers with an impressive dining experience in a cozy and comfortable space. With two separate areas, guests can choose between the convenient indoor space with modern air conditioning or relax in the tranquil outdoor garden space under the shade of trees, immersing themselves in the beauty of nature. The restaurant’s garden is a special highlight with the coolness of greenery and the brightness of various flowers. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy meals with family and friends. This refreshing and charming space undoubtedly enhances every dining experience, making it more complete and memorable than ever before.

To complete the “living with food journey” at ANABAS RESTAURANT, the restaurant also serves a range of exquisite beverages, from red and white wines to unique homemade drinks. Customers can enjoy premium wines or relax with delicious fresh smoothies like refreshing mango smoothies or the special flavors of butterfly pea flower or sugarcane juice.

One particular point that ANABAS wants its customers to experience is the combination of grilled dishes and exquisite wines. You can indulge in tender, flavorful grilled meats or succulent slices of fresh, fatty fish, while immersing yourself in the gentle atmosphere of the ancient garden. When paired with a special glass of wine, the flavors of the grilled dishes are elevated to new heights, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

With its unique blend of traditional flavors and modern space, ANABAS RESTAURANT is not only a destination for food enthusiasts but also a place to discover the beauty and flavors of Hoi An Ancient Town – one of Vietnam’s most special destinations.

Come to ANABAS RESTAURANT to immerse yourself in a rich and diverse culinary world, and let us bring you the best culinary experiences!
ANABAS RESTAURANT – Delighted to serve you!