1. Our target

We understand that finding accurate and detailed information about culinary destinations is an important part of everyone’s travel experience. Hoi An Ancient Town is a famous tourist destination with rich and diverse cuisine. The need to search for information about cuisine in Hoi An on the Internet is increasing. We want to meet this need by providing quality and valuable content. Therefore, we are aware of the important role of providing reliable and useful information about food and restaurants here, helping visitors have the best experience.

2. Our content production process

To provide readers with trustworthy content, we exclusively use reputable data sources taken from the experiences of visitors or famous local reviewers or famous reviewers. in the field of tourism and cuisine. We will never publish factual information or data points without reviewing its veracity and bias. Sources we use include:

  • Da Nang Newspaper
  • Quang Nam Newspaper
  • Systematic evaluation of travel websites such as tripadvisor.com.vn, bestprice.vn, iVIVU.com,…
  • Some companies specializing in tourism in the area such as Vietravel, VITOURS, Vietluxtour,…

3. Our editorial team

Our editorial team led by Le Tan Hao (Hảo Lê/yw-hl271) will be the main person responsible for content editing. With experience and passion for cuisine, we are committed to providing readers with the most accurate and useful information. Through each article, I hope to contribute to highlighting the culinary beauty of Hoi An and help visitors have memorable experiences here. Additional information, Hao is someone who has studied and lived in Hoi An City for more than 10 years. He is currently Co-Admin of a Group specializing in culinary reviews in Hoi An and Da Nang: “Hoi An Review – Eating What, what to do, where to stay?”, “What to eat in Da Nang”, “Da Nang – Review”…

Our editorial policy aims to provide accurate and useful information about cuisine in Hoi An, helping visitors have the most memorable and enjoyable travel experience. We are committed to maintaining authenticity and integrity in all our content.