Hoi An people are kind and hospitable – Perfect pieces for the Heritage picture

Not only attracted by famous tourist destinations, Hoi An is also loved for its simple, rustic features that cannot be “remembered or named”. “Hoi An is crowded with people. Humanity is pure and kind, cotton leaves are colorful.” Just like the ancient houses, Hoi An people are elegant, warm, luxurious but not frilly. And especially, if we meet them for the first time, we feel like we have been familiar and close for a long time. Although most families have shops and businesses, receiving customers every day like in the old days, visitors are truly amazed at their sincere, honest and culturally-reflective behavior. Culture is not acquired from books but absorbed from tradition.

Hoi An people – The beauty of a heritage region

Hoi An is not only famous for its ancient architecture and delicious food but also attracts tourists by the beauty of its people. Hoi An people have long been known for their hospitality, friendliness, and smiles always on their faces. Hoi An is a living testament to the cultural interference between ethnic groups, from the Cham, the Chinese, the Japanese to the French. This blend creates a unique characteristic of Hoi An people. With unique traditions and lifestyle, it has contributed to creating a diverse and lively picture for Hoi An ancient town.

The beauty in the personality of Hoi An people

  • Gentle and hospitable smile: Coming to Hoi An, visitors will easily encounter the gentle, simple smiles of the local people. They are always ready to welcome visitors with friendliness and openness, creating a warm and close feeling like being in their hometown. That smile is not simply an outward beauty but also shows sincerity, hospitality, and is the typical cultural identity of Hoi An people.

cụ già người Hội An đi bán hoa dạo

Picture 1. A gentle smile always appears on the lips of Hoi An people

  • Honesty: People here live simply, honestly, without hustle and bustle. They always preserve good traditional cultural values.
  • Hard working and creative: Hoi An people are very hard working, always trying to create a good life for themselves and their families. Hoi An people are famous for their hard work and creativity. They always work hard, preserve and promote long-standing traditional professions such as: making lanterns, cooking Cao Lau, silk weaving, carpentry, etc. Thanks to their creativity and ingenuity, they have creating sophisticated handmade products, bearing the mark of Hoi An culture.
  • Patience: People here are always calm and patient in everything. They always maintain a peaceful and gentle attitude in communication.

Hình ảnh người dân Hội An hái sen

Figure 2. Hoi An people work hard

The beauty of Hoi An people’s culture

  • Politeness: Hoi An people always respect their elders, know superiors and subordinates, and respect superiors and subordinates.
  • Respect for culture: They always preserve traditional cultural values, expressed through festivals and customs. Hoi An people are aware of the great cultural value of their homeland. They always preserve and protect cultural and historical heritage, and actively participate in traditional cultural activities and festivals. Thanks to that, the good cultural values ​​of Hoi An are handed down and promoted through many generations.
  • Love singing: Hoi An people love singing, especially traditional songs. Music is an indispensable part of their lives.
  • Favorite food: Hoi An cuisine is very rich and diverse. Hoi An people are very proud of the delicious dishes of their homeland and people here always seek to “preserve” family recipes to create dishes that are typical of Hoi An ancient town.

Du khách thích thú khi thưởng thức ẩm thực tại Anabas Restaurant

Figure 3. Tourists enjoy enjoying cuisine at Hoi An’s famous specialty restaurant – Anabas Restaurant

Come to Hoi An specialty restaurant ANABAS RESTAURANT at 29 D. Phan Chu Trinh, Minh An Ward, Hoi An to discover the quintessential flavors of local cuisine. With chef Truong Van Truc, a son of Hoi An with more than ten years of experience cooking Hoi An specialties, the restaurant is proud to preserve and recreate the traditional flavors of the specialties here. . Guests will enjoy extremely unique and exquisite dishes, from familiar dishes in Hoi An such as cao lau, banh vac, stir-fried mussels with rice paper, grilled meat with spring rolls,… to grilled fish dishes. with fresh ingredients from the land here. More than just a culinary experience, ANABAS also offers visitors a space imbued with Hoi An culture, where you can sit and enjoy traditional cuisine in an elegant and cozy space. Let ANABAS RESTAURANT conquer your taste buds and leave you with unforgettable impressions of Hoi An cuisine.

The beauty in the life of Hoi An people

  • Slow living: Hoi An people live slowly and simply, without haste or hustle. They know how to enjoy life and appreciate what they have.
  • Love nature: People here love nature very much. They always maintain a green, clean and beautiful living environment. Hoi An possesses a fresh, green living environment. This also affects the lifestyle of the people here. They always live in harmony with nature, protect the environment, creating a peaceful and peaceful living space.
  • Love festivals: Hoi An people love to participate in festivals and cultural activities. This is an opportunity for them to have fun and interact with each other.

Coming to Hoi An, visitors can not only admire the ancient architecture and historical relics but also experience the exquisite intangible culture and feel the friendliness and hospitality of the people here. That cultural beauty is the soul and unique identity of Hoi An, making this city attract and retain tourists.

Hoi An causes excitement from the most simple things

Hoi An has a special beauty from the simplest things, which sometimes suddenly appear without warning. Like clusters of bougainvillea flowers blooming in purple and pink, radiant next to the yellow walls that have lost the color of time. These scenes can be easily found without a map when wandering around Hoi An ancient town. The architecture of houses with yin and yang tile roofs, with golden walls that have sparkled over time, is one of the outstanding features of Hoi An. It creates an ancient and deep space, imbued with the breath of the past and a mossy look that adds mystery. Not only the scenery, this city also impresses with the simple, peaceful life of the people. Even though it is a famous tourist destination, with crowds of tourists, life in Hoi An still remains leisurely and slow without being boring. Hoi An people are described as people who live slowly, eat slowly, speak softly and are friendly, close to nature.

Hình ảnh người dân Hội An

Picture 4. Hoi An people with a simple appearance

The simple but attractive beauty of Hoi An is also shown through small alleys, another unique feature of the landscape here. Just a small narrow road winding through the old town is enough to know you are in Hoi An. Although people usually don’t like narrow streets, small alleys in Hoi An have a unique, incomprehensible charm.

Các con đường ở phố cổ Hội An

Figure 5. Small streets in Hoi An Ancient Town

That daily life, simple yet equally rich, makes visitors love and cherish this land even more. Walking on the small streets, you will find it hard to miss street foods such as stir-fried mussel crackers, rice dumplings, mussel rice, chicken rice, etc. With each of those simple dishes, you can experience them all. typical flavors of Quang cuisine, along with the enthusiasm and sincere welcome of local people.

Ẩm thực Hội An

Figure 6. Along the street are Hoi An specialty restaurants

Such a simple and simple Hoi An but contains hidden things that make visitors from far away flutter and fall in love with this old town.

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